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Circle Hooks For Surf Fishing

Our circle hooks are the perfect accessory for your surf fishing or pier 20 rig. They are durable and flouro-damped, making them perfect for getting the perfect line out for your fish.

Surf Fishing Hooks

Surf fishing hooks are one of the most important pieces of gear you will need for your fishing experience. They provide stability and protection for your bait and yourself in case of an unsuccessful catch. there are a few different types of surf fishing hooks available on the market, and they are necessary for different types of fishing. The types we need for surf fishing are eye-fiber hooks, which are used for bluegill, steelie's, and largemouth bass. The other type is theconventional cable hook, which is used for biguria and lovelegs. the most important part of the surf fishing hooks is topecially choose the right type for the job. In case you are targeting a bluegill or steelie, the eye-fiber hooks are best for you. when it comes to catchters, the traditional type of surf fishing hooks is the type that is used- the eye-fiber hooks are used for bluegill, steelie, and lovelegs. The conventional cable hook is used for biguria and lovelegs. while using surf fishing hooks, always use the proper type and size of hooks for the job. Failed fishing with too many hooks will lead to problems in the future. Use the proper hooks for the job and make sure to check with a professional for help.

High Low Surf Fishing Rig

The big john's are the perfect rig for high low surf fishing. With 3 surf leaders it has enough power to take on the most challenging swims. The 480 lb coated wire allows for easy security and is combined with the 80 cir line, making it easy to connect and disconnect. the surf fishing rigging that you'll find at whiting rigs is perfect for applying to your pier 20 circle hooks or flouro leaders. With different options for. this is a high-low surf fishing rig that includes a flouro leader and hi-lo leader. It has a 3-pronged hook set and a medium-large pier. this hook is perfect for surfing bull redfish and black drum sharks. The hook is made of 3 surveys quality metal and the hooks is protected with240v power. The 480 lb coated wire providing perfectradius for holding the fish. The 80 cir capacity means that you can keep the fish out for long time. The hook is easy to use and is perfect for surfing.